Kristi Carlson dishes out charming and versatile recipes inspired by the 2000–07 WB/CW family dramedy “Gilmore Girls”

For Christmas of 2020, my parents got me a Gilmore Girls-themed cookbook. It was written by Kristi Carlson, a professional chef and baker with experience in catering. She is also a superfan of Gilmore Girls, which makes her the perfect authority to blend its fandom with her culinary knowledge.


Kristi Carlson entices us with a cookbook of quirky, fun, and appetizing Stars Hollow-inspired recipes…even if you’re not a fan of “Gilmore Girls”

As a die-hard fan of Gilmore Girls ever since its first episode premiered in the Autumn of 2000 on the (now-defunct) WB Network, I was elated when I learned about this cookbook. …

A positive lesson in color-consciousness from one of my high school teachers…it’s stuck with me for more than two decades!

Within our society’s educational discourse, there seems to be a lack of consensus as to what exactly Critical Race Theory (CRT) actually is…or, on the flip side, what it isn’t.

Some say it’s merely learning about racial injustices as part of America’s history.

Others contend it’s incorporating a more diverse…

The issue doesn’t affect my life as an individual, but I defended reproductive freedoms even as a kid

As we collectively forge into 2022, the future of Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance. We probably won’t have an official U.S. Supreme Court decision until May or June. But there’s no reason we can’t lay the groundwork for mobilization during the first half of this calendar year.



The civics lessons of our era intermingled with our emerging adulthood — and we boarded that final Crazy Train toward a thankless contemporary roasting

In the first three installments of this four-part series entitled “Confessions of a Gen Y Kid,” I’ve explored Millennial life experiences across three different categories: K-12 Education, Pop Culture, and Electronic Media.

Now, for this final edition, I’ll focus on how our college days and political circumstances fused together to…

Could the 1987–90 cult sci-fi/romantic drama-actioner receive a makeover for a 21st Century sequel?

Being a 1980s kid, most of my childhood TV viewing was peppered with sitcoms. One of the few dramas I actually watched during my earliest grade school years was a cult classic known as Beauty and the Beast.

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t viewed this television series in its…

Don’t buy me a useless gift when you’ve known me for awhile but haven’t bothered to learn about my life

One of the clichés that I despise the most is that age-old adage — designed to coerce the recipients of gifts into being grateful, deceptive, gracious, or artificially-enthusiastic:

“It’s the thought that counts…”

In some cases, I would agree. But, with a caveat: such goodwill is incumbent upon the gift-giver…

Elwood D. Watson Ph.D. catalogues a cacophony of revolutionary concepts for uplifting and elevating the role of masculinity in male lives

East Tennessee State University professor Elwood Watson, Ph.D. is a friend of mine who teaches History, African American Studies, and Gender Studies. One of his many areas of specialty research is the study of masculinity. …

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