‘Survivor 46’ Hints at an Eclectic Cast with Quirky Humor

Season 46 of ‘Survivor’ seems poised to be remembered based on the strength (or weakness?) of its announced cast

Anthony Eichberger


Photo by Robert Voets (Courtesy of CBS, via Parade magazine)

The momentum is there. Survivor, now launching its sixth “new era” season in a post-COVID world, is back. For the second season in a row, it will air ninety-minute episodes while scheduled back-to-back with the thirty-sixth season of The Amazing Race. The former premieres its spring edition on Wednesday, February 28 beginning at 8:00 P.M. Eastern/Pacific.

Before Season 46 launches, I’ll anticipate its return in my traditional pre-season overview that I’ve been releasing for the past two-and-a-half years…

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And, once again, because I disagree so fervently with Survivor’s decision to eliminate its themes and gimmicks from the “old era,” I’ll also retroactively christen Season 46 with a unique subtitle once its season…



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